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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic
This is coming out of the crystal patch as you enter the great cavern,a huge 4000 foot ascension chamber.
  Huge propeller and characteristic inverted gull wing of Corsair are faithfully replicated.
Open or closed canopy can be selected. Includes lifelike pilot figure checking rear from the cockpit.
  Not only normal wings, but also folded wings can be assembled for enhancing realism of carrier based aircraft. Eight rockets for ground attack are installed in underside of wings.
Two extra fuel tanks are also able to be attached to the underwing. Kit faithfully depicts the incredible payload of the Corsair.   1/48 Aircraft Series ITEM 61086
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt "Razorback"
This is the representation of P-47D early production that was nicknamed "razorback" because of the shape of its upper fuselage behind the cockpit. Flaps come as separate parts and can be attached in the up or down position.   The P-47 was the first single engine fighter to be equipped with a 2000hp R-2800 engine was paired with a superchager. The massive form of the plane, especially its belly and its cowling, has been accurately reproduced.
Even though the number of parts for the cockpit is low, it has been replicated down to the finest details. A pilot figure is included.   500-pound bombs, rocket launchers and 2 types of drop tanks are part of the kit. One pilot figure and decals for two different markings are included. 3 types of propellers are provided.

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